He’s Not the Same

He’s Not the Same

By Kenrick Thomas

After the 2010 season New York Yankees, short stop, Derek Jeter’s contract will be finished. Jeter has been a member of the Yankees roster since 1995 and has been labeled as New York’s favorite athlete. He’s been a 10 time American League All-Star, four time Golden Glove Award winner, and Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 2009.

Throughout Jeters career he managed to stay away from off the field problems and was able to keep his personal life separate. Fans love his leadership, athleticism and his will to win. Throughout my years of living in New York, not one person dislikes Jeter.

Unfortunately, Jeter is 36 years of age. He hasn’t been able to perform at the same level at the plate and in the field. This season, Jeter has a .274 batting average, 9 home runs with 48 RBIs. In 2009, Jeter had .334 batting average, 30 stolen bases and 66 RBIs. In 2006, Jeter had a .343 batting average, 97 RBIs with 102 stolen bases. Despite this season, the only season Jeter had a batting average under .300 was his rookie season in 1995 and in 2002.

I don’t believe the Yankees should pay much for Jeter. He’s 36 years of age and he’s not getting better with his numbers. His season’s are numbered. They shouldn’t give a max deal to a 36 year old short stop that’s not getting better and is passed their prime.

I believe the Yankees should keep Jeter as a player, because he’s meant more to the Yankees than any other player on that roster. He’s their captain and his leadership means a lot to the Yankees, but his performance isn’t the same.