Yanks Keep Active, Mets Sitting on Hands

Yanks Keep Active, Mets Sitting on Hands

by Pat Nestor

After making deals for Austin Kerns, Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood (all which would be blockbuster moves had this been 2000) the Yankees have shorn up their bench and bullpen a little. The Berkman move was the largest, although the Wood trade shows a lack of faith in Joba Chamberlain. In any case, the moves have improved the Yankees somewhat and maybe now they have a shot of making the playoffs.

Yes that was a joke. The Yankees certainly didn’t hurt themselves with any of these moves. Kerns is nothing but a bat off the bench, as he’s not been a very relevant player for a few years now. Berkman’s numbers aren’t that pretty despite his last week’s resurgance but he’s still a more than cabable bat who knows how to get a big hit when needed. Wood adds some insurance in the bullpen and if healthy should be helpful in bidgiung that gap to Riveria.

The mets made a blockbuster move of their own moving Mike Jacobs to the Blue Jays for nothing.

Again.. yes… joke. Well… more like sarcasm.

At this point it makes no sense for the mets to do anything. Trading away prospects for a Cliff Lee, Dan Haren or Roy Oswalt made sense. Trading them away for Ted Lilly or Kerry Wood does not… although I would consider moaking a play for Chone Figgins who is suddenly available. He’d look pretty good at 2nd base for the next few years.

The Mets look like they’ll play hard, but will mostly be looking towards 2011. They look to try and keep their young talent as much as they can. It’s not a bad move to a point, but the Mets need changes so hopefully we’ll see a different GM and Manager in 2011 as well as a HARD push towards Cliff Lee. Blow him away. Offer him a termendous amount. The Mets are about… 20 minutes away from the Yankees? They are in the same huge market. They need to spend some money. If the Wilpons don’t have any there are a lot of guys out there (like Mark Cuban) who wants to buy an MLB team.

The Yankees are doing what they can to make themselves as strong as possible. The Mets are doing what they can to keep their prospects and save money. The fans in the Bronx are happy. The fans in Flushing are not and must be patient.