Jones Wants To Help The Yankees

Jones Wants To Help The Yankees

By Frankie ” The Sports Guy” Maniscalco

TAMPA, Fla. — Let’s start with Andruw Jones’ career as a young 19-year-old who was flying around in the outfield and hitting the cover off the ball.His last game with the Braves was in 2007. Since 2007 Andruw Jones played for the Dodgers,Rangers,and White Sox. As the years went by his value in fantasy and in real life changed: A prodigy at 19, a star at 25 and a backup at 31. His role on the field has changed and Jones knows that he is not the guy he once was, but still feels he can produce and help the Yankees.

“People still think that I’m 19, that I’m going to do the same things that I did back then,” the 33-year-old Jones said. “People think you’re going to be the same guy for 14 years, and that just doesn’t happen.”

It is not easy for Jones to think of himself as ” not the player he was at 19″ , but for him to be succesful with the Yankees I think he will have to change his thoughts.The Yankees and manager Joe Gerardi have expressed the excitement of having Andruw Jones on their team but have also reiterated that he would not be in Centerfield.

“If he does what he did last year, we’ll be excited,” General Manager Brian Cashman said of Jones, who hit .230 with 19 homers and 48 runs batted in for the White Sox.

I guess it will only be time that will tell us if Jones still has what it takes to get back to some or all of his ” Hall Of Fame” status that he carried with him for his first 11 seasons in the Majors. We must remember that only 5 others have hit more homers than Andruw before or on their 30th birthday (Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle and Eddie Mathews ). But once Jones turned 30 in 2007, his production declined. Of course the question of steroids makes all players in question, but Jones has admitted that all of his tests are open for anyone to see if they want and he would take a test openly if he could to prove he never did anything illegal.

Personally, I do not think Jones did any steroids since nothing seemed obvious in his physical appearance as were with some of the other players. I wish Jones the best and hope he finds his way back to stardom. He has always been a great part of baseball and I hope he can find ” one more ” or even more in him to finish out his career.